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The new Star Trek movie is AWESOME

Having now had the chance to watch the movie nine times, I feel I can give more of a review on it.


I'm done. :)

Seriously, I have seldom seen such an awesome movie. It had elements of the original Trek, it had 'new' stuff to draw in a new audience, it had great actors, it had fantastic action sequences and most importantly, it had the characters we love.

Kirk? Great performance by a great young actor. I totally believed James T. Kirk ("renegade and terr0rist") could have started this way. Favourite parts? The Kobayashi Maru test and the whole scene after Bones shoots him up with the vaccine. So funny, so brilliant, so Star Trek.

Spock? I have always loved Spock. This did not change. I think I love him even more now. There are scenes in the film where I actually forget that he's played by a different actor, that's how good Zachary Quinto was at being Spock. And when I read he didn't pattern his performance on the series itself, but rather based it on Leonard Nimoy's advice... wow. Shows you how much of Spock was Leonard Nimoy. I mean, it took Leonard 30 years to admit it, but now we have proof. Truly amazing.

McCoy? Fantastic. "My God, man!" :) "Oh, good. He's seventeen." :) "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?" :) DeForest Kelley would have LOVED Karl Urban's performance.

Scotty? I think the character was played a bit too much for laughs. Scotty in TOS was a more serious character. But overall, not bad.

Chekov? A lot of people complained about him being "too blonde and curly" but come on. If that's their only complaint they're really reaching. He did a great job.

Sulu? Also great. "What kind of combat training do you have?" "Fencing." Hee hee.

Uhura? She was fine, but the actress was a bit too "hard" for Uhura, I felt. I can't imagine her saying, "Captain, I'm frightened," believably. (Not that that line was a shining moment for women even in the '60s.)

And people complaining about her and Spock? DID THEY NEVER WATCH THE ORIGINAL SERIES? It's all there! Uhura flirting with Spock, Spock playing his lyre to please her, Spock complimenting her... My friend Rae has always contended Spock had a thing for Uhura. I wish she'd agree to see the movie; she would SO be able to gloat about being right all these years!

Bruce Greenwood? Great casting as Pike.

Sarek? Perfectly fine performance; I think Mark Lenard would have approved.

Amanda? I did a double take during the "You'll do fine" scene when it dawned on me it was Winona Ryder. She really did well at NOT being Winona Ryder.

And Amanda's death and Sarek's subsequent admission that he loved her (it's about time, not that we ever doubted it) push Spock's existential crisis forward by about ten years. He only realized that people need feelings in order for their lives to have meaning in Star Trek: The Motion Picture during the V-Ger encounter. Here it's underplayed but definitely happens - if he was still trying to be some uber-Vulcan he would never have kissed Uhura in the transporter room. (Lucky Uhura.)

I personally don't care about the science of the movie. Yes, yes, black holes don't work like that, tell someone who cares. Transporters can't work like that ("uncouple the Heisenberg Compensators!"). Warp speed would never work. Yadda yadda. Very little of the science in Star Trek makes any sense, or did no one ever notice that? STAR TREK IS NOT ABOUT SCIENCE. There's a reason all the tech is nicknamed "treknobabble". It's all nonsense. But we don't care BECAUSE STAR TREK IS REALLY ABOUT US. It's about the human experience. As David Gerrold wrote in the '80s, "No, space is not the final frontier. The final frontier is the human soul. Space is merely one of the places where we shall meet the challenge." Exactly.

Let me end with a quote from end of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country:

"... they will continue the voyages we have begun
and journey to all the 'undiscovere'd countries,
boldly going where no man... where no ONE...
has gone before."


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May. 22nd, 2009 01:06 am (UTC)
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